Agricultural - Natural Resources Trust
the agricultural heritage
and natural resources
of Contra Costa County
The Agricultural - Natural Resources Trust (ANRT) is a non-profit public benefit corporation formed by the Board of Supervisors in May, 1997, as an effort to maintain the agricultural viability of the County.  By early focus, the emphasis of the Trust was cultivated agriculture, however we can engage in most natural resources conservation activities and our reach covers the entire county as well as surrounding areas.

The Trust is comprised of farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs and professionals with diverse skills and expertise that share a common purpose; to permanently protect and encourage conservation and stewardship of agricultural lands, watersheds, habitat and related natural resources centered in Contra Costa County and neighboring areas in California. 

We are supported through tax deductible donations, gifts, private and public grants, and mitigation funding from development.  Because the Trust is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization, we can offer incentives and potential tax relief for property owners who want to protect their land, their ideas and their interests in perpetuity. 

We believe in cooperation with private property owners, conservation agencies and other concerned entities with respect for private property rights, conservation standards and long-term stewardship.

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